Pusti Maida

Pure Maida is extracted from 100% wheat.

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  1. Pusti Maida is extracted from the best quality wheat with advanced technology.
  2. Besides ensuring purity and healthiness, Gluten makes Pusti Maida tastier.
  3. Pusti Maida is 100% pure and organic and is fine grinded, causing better digestion.
  4. The trusted source for your family’s health and strength.

Pack Size – 1 KG and 2 KG

Serial No. Ingredients According to BDS Ensured in Pusti Maida
1 Moisture Maximum 13% 13%
2 Gluten (Depends on humidity) Minimum 8% 11-12.5%

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 in


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